Monday, September 12, 2011

Mrs. Janelle's Bee Binder

This year I decided to change my old homework folders to the Bee Binder. So far I am delighted with the results. I ran across the idea over the summer from another teacher. I loved the Bee idea since I am using the bee theme in my classroom this year. Here are pictures of my finished product. I think that they turned out great!

Here is the cover of the binder. Bee stands for Bring Everything Everyday.

Here is the inside pocket where I put the students behavior chart. I have used this chart for 4 years now and it works great! It cuts down on behavior problems in my classroom since the parents know what color smiley face their child has each day.

The first pouch is labeled money. Parents use this to send ice cream/lunch money to school each day. This will also be used to collect field trip, fundraiser and book order money.

The second pouch is for the students high frequency word cards. They the study word cards every night for homework.

Next is a clear sheet protector with the weekly lunch menu.

The second sheet protector is labeled homework assignments. I provide a schedule of the weekly homework assignments in this section. I also add a description of the weekly literacy centers and letter of the week.

The third sheet protector contains a list of the words that we will learn each six weeks.

Next is the homework pocket. I place the student's homework in this pocket each day.

The second pocket is for important notes from the teacher or school.

The last pocket of the binder is where I put the students graded work to take home.

In the back cover of the binder I inserted a description of the Bee Binder.