Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Currently March

Hello everyone!!!! WOW! What a busy two weeks! I have tons of pictures from our Read Across America week and our Dr. Seuss Birthday celebration. I will post soon, I promise. Until then I have teamed up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade for the March currently. I am a little late..... but better late than never right?????

I am currently watching "Two and a Half Men." This show is so funny. My hubby and I just love watching it. I am itching to watch tonight's American Idol. I skipped the last two seasons of this show. It got boring to me. However, this year is special!!!!! A good friend of ours, Janelle Arthur, is in the top 20 this year!!!!! Yay Janelle! She is an amazing young lady. My daughter and I got to know her from pageants. Janelle is from Tennessee and was the International Cinderella Teen a few years ago. My daughter competed in the Cinderella Scholarship program for a few years and we got to know Janelle. She is an amazing young lady and a wonderful role model for young girls. We hope that she makes it all the way. She is definitely what an "American Idol" should be!
I am loving that our weather man is calling for snow for tonight and in the morning!!!! Oh yeah! Snow day!!!! I have my teacher fingers crossed! I would love just one more snow day..... please mother nature grant my wish!!!!!
I am seriously stressing over the skills that my students need to master before our dreaded T-Cap test in April. Yes, my county gives standardized assessment test to our Kindergartners. :( They are having problems with addition and subtraction so I am searching for ways to teach them that are also fun and engaging. I always start the panic mode this time of year. I think I get more stressed over the test than they do.
I am wanting a big ole' cup of my favorite Starbucks coffee. I think that I will just have to make me a cup. ;)
I am needing to get dinner started and make a new batch of green play dough for our play dough center at school. I dread getting off the couch. It has been a WILD two weeks plus I have a cold that I can't seem to get over.
So for the last part of my currently.... I like (love) snow and hope that we get enough to miss school tomorrow, I LOVE my family so very much and I HATE drama!!!! There seems to be a lot of it lately and I try to run from it.
Thanks for visiting my blog and for reading what I am currently up to. Please hop on over to Farley's blog and link up to. Have a very happy March everyone!!!!