Friday, July 5, 2013

Bloglovin' and a Give-a-way

Well it looks like Google Reader is no longer so everyone in blog world is joining a new site called bloglovin'!
I started using bloglovin' today and have been linking up with new educational blogs. I am excited to start using this site. I think that it will help bloggers stay more organized. You may follow my blog my clicking on the bloglovin' button on the right side of my blog.

Now on to a fabulous give-a-way!!!!! A Teacher Without A Class is giving away a laminator!!!!! WOWZERS!!!! Who wouldn't love to have their very own laminator!

You can enter the contest by clicking on the link below. Good luck!!!!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals Linky

I joined the July Goals Linky hosted by Jess at I (Heart) Recess, click on the link below to share your July goals!!!

Personal: I have this awesome room in my house that would make the perfect master bedroom. However, it is full of junk. My goal is to clean it out this month and use it as a bedroom. I am wanting a shabby chic design bedroom so bad. Another personal goal of mine is to quit worrying about stuff so much. I worry myself sick over everything. I seriously need to get over that....
Family: My 11 year old daughter and I have a tradition called "Mommy and Katie Day." We have had this special day ever since she was 2. I want to spend a special day with her this month doing something really fun!
Health: Last summer I lost 20 lbs and felt so good about myself. I let my diet go through the Winter months and gained almost all of it back. I want to at least lose 10 lbs before school starts back. I also want to start Zumba classes in my area. It sounds like a lot of fun.
School: I am in the process of making as many Math and literacy centers as possible before school starts back. I have already made 3. Yay me!!!! I have a center wish list a mile long and hope to at least get half of them made this month.
Blog/TPT: I really let my blog go this year. :( I was so busy that I never had time to blog. My goal is to at least blog once a week. I also have made a few things that I want to try selling on TPT. I hope to add my first TPT item to my store this month.
Outside the Box: My outside of the box is exercising. I really want to get in shape and feel better about myself.
I really hope that I make my goals. Please wish me luck!!!!

July 2013 Currently

Hello everyone!!!! It has been way to long since I have posted. :/ I was so busy at the end of the school year that I needed just a few weeks to unwind. I also started tutoring two awesome, soon to be 1st graders, at the beginning of June. I am having a blast with them. I am enjoying the fact that I can try out my new centers during their tutoring time. So far this has been my most productive summer vacation ever. I have linked up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade once again for the July currently. Here is what I am currently up to.....

Do any of you watch the show "Supernatural"? I am totally addicted to this show!!!! I have such a crush on Dean. He is a hottie, lol. I started watching it on Netflix in the beginning of June and I am now on season 6. Yeah, I have spent many nights watching the Winchester boys, lol. I kinda feel guilty.
I am loving this summer vacation! School got to be very stressful at the end of the year. I needed to get a break from it all. Thank goodness for summer vacay!!!! If we didn't have it I think that teachers would totally crack, lol.
Does anyone else have a back to school "TO DO LIST" about a mile long? Mine is so big I don't know if I will ever get it all done.
I am so ready for my Beach vacation! Our school is starting back later this year and I have a vacation planned for the beginning of August. I am so totally excited! I get to go to the beach the week before school starts. I am so ready!!!!!
My teacher tip is to always leave your home life at home!!! My job is like my therapy. When I am in my classroom teaching, I let go of all personal problems and focus on the children. Kindergarten is my out and I LOVE it!!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful Summer!!!! Please come back to my blog soon and check out my units that I did at the end of the school year.