Friday, February 1, 2013

February Currently

Hello everyone!!!! Today was a snow day for me! Yay me! I decided to catch up on my blogging and update a few post. I have been a bad blogger. ;( Now that I have updated some of the post that I wanted to catch up on, I have teamed up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade once again for the February Currently. Please scroll on down to see what I currently up to.......
I am watching and listening to Twilight New Moon for about the 100th time. I love the Twilight series. I wish I had a hunky Vampire romantic to come and ...... well you get the picture, lol. I read the books way before I watched any of the movies. The books are so much better than the movies. Why is that???? It seems that every movie that is made from a book never does it justice. I do however like the Twilight movies better than the Harry Potter movies. They really ruffled my feathers..... I really don't understand how anyone would know what in the world was going on in any of them if they didn't read the books first. Ugh! Anyway.....
I am loving being at home today. We had our 100th day celebration in my class yesterday and it flat wore me out! I don't think that I could have made it through the day today, lol. I am wanting to write my lesson plans for the month of February this weekend so that I am ahead of the game. I so hope that I get this done.
I am really wanting a huge snow. I am a snow lover but a cold weather hater, lol. Makes since huh? My dream is for a big snow that last a few days then for Spring to magically appear. I am so ready for warm weather and sunshine. I  needed to go to the store all day and keep putting it off. I am finally warm and don't want to go out and get cold again.
My pet peeves are politics and two faced people. I feel that politics ruin so many things that could be wonderful. Why give someone a job because they are related to so and so or who their parents are???? Why not give it to the person that is really qualified for the job? Wouldn't the qualified person be so much better at it? I also can't stand two faced people. I strive not to be this way and to stay away from people that are. Anyway.... I could go on and on about my peeves but will spare you from it, lol.
Thanks so much for checking out my currently. I hope that you all have a wonderful February and get tons of candy and kisses on Valentine's day!!!!!
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100th Day of School

This week my class celebrated our 100th day of Mrs. Janelle's class. I named our 100 day this because we only counted the physical days that we were in class. We began counting the first day that we were together in my class. We had three days of testing and phase in before the students were actually in my class. I also did not count missed days for weather. Each morning we would add a straw to our place value chart and change the number. I would also write the number on a 100 chart. We would then sky write the number and count to that number. We will continue doing this for the rest of the year and then have a last day of school celebration.

We began our 100th day of Mrs. Janelle's class by writing our numbers to 100 for morning work. During our morning meeting time we did our daily pocket chart and finally had 100 straws for the 100th day that we were in class! We also danced to the song "Techno Counting to 100" by Dr. Jean Feldman.
We did several writing activities. I made a chart asking the children what they would like to have 100 of. Here are a few of the children's responses.
I wish I had 100 puppy dogs.
I wish I had 100 dollar bills with gold inside.
I wish I had 100 Brats dolls.
I wish I had 100 Angry Birds games.
I wish I had 100 ponies.
And my favorite......
I wish I had 100 girl friends.
I used our writing to make a wall display.
For Math, we made gumball machines with 100 gumballs inside. The students had to count as they painted using Q-tips.
At snack time we used 100 charts to count 100 snacks. When we were finished we got to eat them all.
At the end of the day, we made crowns that said, "_____ is 100 days smarter!" We decorated them with markers, stickers and sequins.  
Mrs. Janelle's class is now 100 days smarter!

Mrs. Janelle's Elf on the Shelf~ Chocolate

This is my second year to have a class elf. This year my class named our elf Chocolate. Chocolate came to us after Thanksgiving break and stayed with us until our last day of school before Christmas break. There were times when I thought that Chocolate was going to have to leave us early and go back to the North Pole because of behavior, lol. We even had a horrible event occur when I was out sick one day and our elf was touched by a student. :/ However.... Chocolate made it until Christmas and the children really enjoyed having him in our class. Here are a few pictures of some of our elf fun!

Our elf arrived in a special delivery box from the North Pole! The children were so excited. Inside the box was a note from Santa, the book Elf on the Shelf and our own classroom elf.
On the second day of Chocolate's arrival he brought us chocolate kisses from the North Pole for the class to share.
Our elf was good for awhile. He would just move to different places in the classroom.
One day when we forgot our class rules, Chocolate moved to our rule board to remind us of the classroom rules.
Around two weeks before our Christmas break, the fun began. Chocolate played several tricks on us.
One morning we found him hanging out by the door with a dry erase marker. When we went to our cubbies, this is what we found.....
Chocolate had drawn mustaches on all of the children's cubby tag pictures!!!!!
Another day we found this......
Toilet paper on our desks!!!!!!!
And then.....
He took all of our pencils hostage! He took them out of our pencil baskets and tied them together!
One morning he had a cold and left his dirty tissues all over the classroom! The children thought this was so gross, lol.
What is that in Chocolate's hands? Oh no! Look what happened.....
Green sad faces on our morning work!!!!!!
Why does Chocolate have toilet paper?????
He even gave all the children a red face one morning!
We had so much fun with our elf! The children hated to see him go. I hope that you had as much fun with your classroom elf as we did!