Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Where's My Mummy?

With Halloween on its way, I decided to read my favorite Halloween book to my Kinders Where's My Mummy? My class LOVED this book. I have had to read it to them 3 times since Monday, lol. First we read the book and then made our text to self-connections by drawing a picture of Baby Mummy when he was scared in the story and then of a picture of what we do when we are scared. They turned out so cute.

After finishing the text to self-connection writing activity we made our very own mummy. At first they looked like marshmallow men so I had a brainstorm and we cut up white paper towels and glued them to the mummy's. They turned out so cute and the children were so proud of them.
My class is so excited about our Halloween party tomorrow. I will post pictures of it tomorrow afternoon. Happy Halloween everyone!


Mrs. M said...

The mummys are adorable!! I love the writing connection. =)
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