Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bumpkin the Pumpkin

Halloween went great in my classroom this year. Our Halloween school days are always crazy! Kindergarten students in costumes always make for a wild day, lol. My kinders were really good this year. The events of the day wore me out. Here is a group picture of my sweeties in their costumes.
Are they not just too stinkin cute???? I decided to devote the entire day to the holiday. Their minds were in Halloween mode so I decided to play on that. We read several Halloween stories and then I read them my "Bumpkin the Pumpkin" story. They loved it! During center time we made our very own pumpkins out of toliet paper and orange table cloths.
First we covered our toliet paper rolls with a piece of orange table cloth.
Next, I had the children cut out the eyes, nose and mouth for their pumpkin.
After we glued the eyes, nose and mouth to our pumpkins, the children had to twist a piece of a paper lunch sack to make the stem for their pumpkin.
Here is a picture of our finished product. I think that they turned out fabulous.
The children gave their pumpkins to their parents at the end of the Halloween party.
Here is a picture of our party. My parents did a terrific job of bringing in treats and snacks.
One of my students loved our story "Where's My Mummy?" so much that he had his mom make us these fabulous mummy cupcakes. Are they not just too cute?
I hope that everyone had a Happy Halloween! :)


Becky said...

I love the toilet paper pumpkin idea!!! Stealing that for next year :)

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