Friday, February 1, 2013

Mrs. Janelle's Elf on the Shelf~ Chocolate

This is my second year to have a class elf. This year my class named our elf Chocolate. Chocolate came to us after Thanksgiving break and stayed with us until our last day of school before Christmas break. There were times when I thought that Chocolate was going to have to leave us early and go back to the North Pole because of behavior, lol. We even had a horrible event occur when I was out sick one day and our elf was touched by a student. :/ However.... Chocolate made it until Christmas and the children really enjoyed having him in our class. Here are a few pictures of some of our elf fun!

Our elf arrived in a special delivery box from the North Pole! The children were so excited. Inside the box was a note from Santa, the book Elf on the Shelf and our own classroom elf.
On the second day of Chocolate's arrival he brought us chocolate kisses from the North Pole for the class to share.
Our elf was good for awhile. He would just move to different places in the classroom.
One day when we forgot our class rules, Chocolate moved to our rule board to remind us of the classroom rules.
Around two weeks before our Christmas break, the fun began. Chocolate played several tricks on us.
One morning we found him hanging out by the door with a dry erase marker. When we went to our cubbies, this is what we found.....
Chocolate had drawn mustaches on all of the children's cubby tag pictures!!!!!
Another day we found this......
Toilet paper on our desks!!!!!!!
And then.....
He took all of our pencils hostage! He took them out of our pencil baskets and tied them together!
One morning he had a cold and left his dirty tissues all over the classroom! The children thought this was so gross, lol.
What is that in Chocolate's hands? Oh no! Look what happened.....
Green sad faces on our morning work!!!!!!
Why does Chocolate have toilet paper?????
He even gave all the children a red face one morning!
We had so much fun with our elf! The children hated to see him go. I hope that you had as much fun with your classroom elf as we did!


Leslie atKindergartenWorks said...

What fun it looked like you had too. Thanks for sharing these ideas.

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