Friday, February 1, 2013

February Currently

Hello everyone!!!! Today was a snow day for me! Yay me! I decided to catch up on my blogging and update a few post. I have been a bad blogger. ;( Now that I have updated some of the post that I wanted to catch up on, I have teamed up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade once again for the February Currently. Please scroll on down to see what I currently up to.......
I am watching and listening to Twilight New Moon for about the 100th time. I love the Twilight series. I wish I had a hunky Vampire romantic to come and ...... well you get the picture, lol. I read the books way before I watched any of the movies. The books are so much better than the movies. Why is that???? It seems that every movie that is made from a book never does it justice. I do however like the Twilight movies better than the Harry Potter movies. They really ruffled my feathers..... I really don't understand how anyone would know what in the world was going on in any of them if they didn't read the books first. Ugh! Anyway.....
I am loving being at home today. We had our 100th day celebration in my class yesterday and it flat wore me out! I don't think that I could have made it through the day today, lol. I am wanting to write my lesson plans for the month of February this weekend so that I am ahead of the game. I so hope that I get this done.
I am really wanting a huge snow. I am a snow lover but a cold weather hater, lol. Makes since huh? My dream is for a big snow that last a few days then for Spring to magically appear. I am so ready for warm weather and sunshine. I  needed to go to the store all day and keep putting it off. I am finally warm and don't want to go out and get cold again.
My pet peeves are politics and two faced people. I feel that politics ruin so many things that could be wonderful. Why give someone a job because they are related to so and so or who their parents are???? Why not give it to the person that is really qualified for the job? Wouldn't the qualified person be so much better at it? I also can't stand two faced people. I strive not to be this way and to stay away from people that are. Anyway.... I could go on and on about my peeves but will spare you from it, lol.
Thanks so much for checking out my currently. I hope that you all have a wonderful February and get tons of candy and kisses on Valentine's day!!!!!
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Mrs. M said...

Snow day?!! Lucky you!! :)

Our 100th day is on Monday & I am super excited! Especially since I'm counting down 'till summer! LOL!

Color Me Kinder

Kate said...

I am jealous that you had a snow day! I wanting spring to come early too!

Heather Shelton said...

I had a snow day too! I would LOVE to plan an entire month out. I may try to do the same thing this weekend.
Mrs. Shelton's Kindergarten

Danielle said...

What perfect timing to have a snow day right after the 100th day. Ours is next Friday and I know I'll be exhausted. I am so impressed that you plan so far ahead. I wish I was that organized!

Carolina Teacher

AlyseC said...

What are snow days??? I live in AZ and we never have those! I have never been able to plan more than a week in advance. Good for you to be able to plan so far ahead!

Keep Calm and Apple On

mrsjanellebush said...

Well.... I got two weeks finished in my lesson plans. I decided to stop there in case we get another snow day. Wishful thinking...... ;)

Khrys said...

Yay snow day! I love Twilight too, just cannot help myself! Those sparkly vamps get me every time I'm flipping through the channels, despite seeing the movies 10 times, I always stop to watch :)

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