Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July 2013 Currently

Hello everyone!!!! It has been way to long since I have posted. :/ I was so busy at the end of the school year that I needed just a few weeks to unwind. I also started tutoring two awesome, soon to be 1st graders, at the beginning of June. I am having a blast with them. I am enjoying the fact that I can try out my new centers during their tutoring time. So far this has been my most productive summer vacation ever. I have linked up with Farley over at Oh' Boy 4th Grade once again for the July currently. Here is what I am currently up to.....

Do any of you watch the show "Supernatural"? I am totally addicted to this show!!!! I have such a crush on Dean. He is a hottie, lol. I started watching it on Netflix in the beginning of June and I am now on season 6. Yeah, I have spent many nights watching the Winchester boys, lol. I kinda feel guilty.
I am loving this summer vacation! School got to be very stressful at the end of the year. I needed to get a break from it all. Thank goodness for summer vacay!!!! If we didn't have it I think that teachers would totally crack, lol.
Does anyone else have a back to school "TO DO LIST" about a mile long? Mine is so big I don't know if I will ever get it all done.
I am so ready for my Beach vacation! Our school is starting back later this year and I have a vacation planned for the beginning of August. I am so totally excited! I get to go to the beach the week before school starts. I am so ready!!!!!
My teacher tip is to always leave your home life at home!!! My job is like my therapy. When I am in my classroom teaching, I let go of all personal problems and focus on the children. Kindergarten is my out and I LOVE it!!!
I hope that you all have a wonderful Summer!!!! Please come back to my blog soon and check out my units that I did at the end of the school year.


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