Tuesday, July 2, 2013

July Goals Linky

I joined the July Goals Linky hosted by Jess at I (Heart) Recess, click on the link below to share your July goals!!!

Personal: I have this awesome room in my house that would make the perfect master bedroom. However, it is full of junk. My goal is to clean it out this month and use it as a bedroom. I am wanting a shabby chic design bedroom so bad. Another personal goal of mine is to quit worrying about stuff so much. I worry myself sick over everything. I seriously need to get over that....
Family: My 11 year old daughter and I have a tradition called "Mommy and Katie Day." We have had this special day ever since she was 2. I want to spend a special day with her this month doing something really fun!
Health: Last summer I lost 20 lbs and felt so good about myself. I let my diet go through the Winter months and gained almost all of it back. I want to at least lose 10 lbs before school starts back. I also want to start Zumba classes in my area. It sounds like a lot of fun.
School: I am in the process of making as many Math and literacy centers as possible before school starts back. I have already made 3. Yay me!!!! I have a center wish list a mile long and hope to at least get half of them made this month.
Blog/TPT: I really let my blog go this year. :( I was so busy that I never had time to blog. My goal is to at least blog once a week. I also have made a few things that I want to try selling on TPT. I hope to add my first TPT item to my store this month.
Outside the Box: My outside of the box is exercising. I really want to get in shape and feel better about myself.
I really hope that I make my goals. Please wish me luck!!!!


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